Boulder on a hill, tumbling down,

With stubborn resolution, coming back around,

Letting loose a cry, a frustrated sound,

As the boulder kept on, tumbling down.

Sisyphus gave chase, landing with a bound,

Stopping the boulder just as it reached the ground,

Shoulder set, teeth gritted and head down and bowed,

He roared with the effort, clearly and loud.

Inch by inch, climbing up the mound,

As the boulder gained weight pound by pound,

Never giving up, staying strong and proud,

He struggled to the top, reaching for a cloud,

But anyone knows a cloud’s not a sound-

foundation for rest, and so he found,

the boulder, fell, turning round and round,

As the boulder kept on, tumbling down.

I reached out to him, as he came towards me,

wanting to show him, make him see,

he didn’t need his boulder, didn’t need to succeed,

If he just let go, he could hold on to me.

So for a while he did, intimately,

Arms around me, holding so very tightly,

But while he stayed, embracing closely,

He thought he saw an invitation to be-

Something more, to move further than him and me,

But as he leaned in, thinking me alone, lonely,

I pushed him back, disillusioned, angry,

I needed space, and indeed so did he.

But when I was gone, he looked around to see,

that boulder, by the hill, sitting against a tree,

I wasn’t there to focus on, to distract or be-

a reason to not push that boulder free.

So he turned to the boulder, looking up to the sky,

And he left, not even stopping to say goodbye.

I cried when he left, not knowing why:

he kept pushing that boulder, ever one more try,

‘Cause I knew that boulder could never make him happy.

But I also knew the truth was neither could I,

Knowing he’d never find peace, I thought with a sigh,

Till he learned to let go, and let that boulder lie.


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Look. Stop. Breathe.

That air was swirling in front of you, waiting to go in through the nostrils and out through the mouth.

What do you see?

This minute, this second, this moment, you will never meet again.

What do you see?

Maybe a haunting turbulence reflected back through the black pupil of an iris?

Maybe defiant fireworks as they slice the night sky with their knives of color and fire?

What do you hear?

Maybe a symphony of notes cradling you in its swells and drops?

Maybe the familiar rhythm of crickets croaking out their goodnight greetings?

What are you touching, breathing, observing?

What do you feel?

Time is stopping, just for you, to say


But it can’t wait for long, so by the time you notice it’s saying



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Survive with Me

I don’t have much to say,

when the pangs of pain push paramount,

when searing memories sink into skin,

when the fight: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional,

seethes and throngs the brain with single-minded focus,

desperate to survive.

In these times I don’t have much to say to you,

but you needn’t say much either.

Just be there.

And when I realize how… you are,

I realize how much…

I love you.

The Other to Another

You press and push, touch and grab, direct and steer,
Breathe in the air before my first inhale,
You talk loud and bright with oblivious cheer,
Unable to see two inches, right before your nose!
Hello? Hello? I’m right here. Words falling on deaf ear,
You stomp and start, stampede to win, but success turns stale,
When infected with power abused, sprouting fear,
You meant no harm, but all consequence knows,
Once the rubble rests and results appear,

You hurt the other and you hurt your own,
Your untouched empathy shriveled and died; you’re alone.


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What Do We Feel Hidden in the Silence?-Posting Sundays Anew

Emotion behind the words, behind the tunes,

Behind the stories and the melodies,

Emotion, the feeling in our souls, in our hearts, in the places inside us that no one can touch,

Emotion lying dormant and hidden,

Buried deep within our very cores,

Exposed behind traffic and bustle, conversations and clashing, what would we find?

Would we discover truth? Would we find beauty? Horror? Everything?…


Or would we find the feelings we’ve always known?

What message would I find… a blessing? or a curse?

Regardless of revelation, what would I lose… if I had no clashing or conversation, bustle or traffic, melody, story, tune, or words with which to express it?

As it is, I search for truth, as I both drown and bob…

in the turbulence of me.

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The light in sun and hearts to shine,

It flicks and floats and twists and twirls,

Till Fear the dark, in fear, all flees,

My worries and cares, roll down unfound,

And Light fills my mind with smile and sound,

The sprinkling, spinning joy that frees,

A silence of trumpet jubilee unfurls,

The peace of love to enter mine.


Hello all!

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Seeing the Sea: Posting Sundays Anew

Welcome to Posting Sundays Anew! (my newest blogging venture). Posts are copied or re-envisioned from past blog posts. Enjoy! 

Seeing the Sea

I look at the sea, and the sea looks at me.

I dive into its arms and it buoys me up.

I slide on the slippery seaweed and pebbles.

I dance as the waves slap the water in time.

I feel the spray on my face and shout to the sky.

But I know to never let this bond go too far…

For if I go too deep,

the water would swallow me whole.