The Other to Another

You press and push, touch and grab, direct and steer,
Breathe in the air before my first inhale,
You talk loud and bright with oblivious cheer,
Unable to see two inches, right before your nose!
Hello? Hello? I’m right here. Words falling on deaf ear,
You stomp and start, stampede to win, but success turns stale,
When infected with power abused, sprouting fear,
You meant no harm, but all consequence knows,
Once the rubble rests and results appear,

You hurt the other and you hurt your own,
Your untouched empathy shriveled and died; you’re alone.


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What Do We Feel Hidden in the Silence?-Posting Sundays Anew

Emotion behind the words, behind the tunes,

Behind the stories and the melodies,

Emotion, the feeling in our souls, in our hearts, in the places inside us that no one can touch,

Emotion lying dormant and hidden,

Buried deep within our very cores,

Exposed behind traffic and bustle, conversations and clashing, what would we find?

Would we discover truth? Would we find beauty? Horror? Everything?…


Or would we find the feelings we’ve always known?

What message would I find… a blessing? or a curse?

Regardless of revelation, what would I lose… if I had no clashing or conversation, bustle or traffic, melody, story, tune, or words with which to express it?

As it is, I search for truth, as I both drown and bob…

in the turbulence of me.

Welcome to Posting Sundays Anew! (my newest blogging venture). Posts are copied or re-envisioned from past blog posts. Enjoy! 


The light in sun and hearts to shine,

It flicks and floats and twists and twirls,

Till Fear the dark, in fear, all flees,

My worries and cares, roll down unfound,

And Light fills my mind with smile and sound,

The sprinkling, spinning joy that frees,

A silence of trumpet jubilee unfurls,

The peace of love to enter mine.


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Seeing the Sea: Posting Sundays Anew

Welcome to Posting Sundays Anew! (my newest blogging venture). Posts are copied or re-envisioned from past blog posts. Enjoy! 

Seeing the Sea

I look at the sea, and the sea looks at me.

I dive into its arms and it buoys me up.

I slide on the slippery seaweed and pebbles.

I dance as the waves slap the water in time.

I feel the spray on my face and shout to the sky.

But I know to never let this bond go too far…

For if I go too deep,

the water would swallow me whole.

The Spark

I wonder if I could

I wonder if I should

The words as sharp and bright as flame

touching my tip of tongue

tasting of life and love and pain

Stripping beyond…

The flattery, the mockery, the filibuster civility

instead the words of reality, depicted in imaginary,

the place behind the sight and sounds

That we all know yet never can find

Anywhere beyond the place in our mind

That hides from conversation, only to be found

in the fire that burns the tip of our tongue

Even as we try to speak.


If the world is my oyster,

Why can’t I bear the pressure,

Barely holding up my corner?…


I mock Iapetus’ son, who tries to hold the world,

Those cares too great for the Titan or the human.

I dodge the globe he tries to pass to me.

I smash it flat, see the ground where it’s hurled.

I sweep my hungry gaze across the map: valley and mountain…

I trace the paths of possibility to places I’ve yet to see,

And let my dreams of the world buoy me.


Humanity is like the sand crab.

We bury ourselves.

When we see danger rise or feel pain stab, then

We hide, and create our own shells.


Makeup, media, fake grins, business…

Metropolis, nature, suburbia, home…

Making our homes no longer home.

Merely shelters constructed to imprison us.


I watch friendly curves turn into gentle waves.

I watch the light shine over traveling kelp…

Bodies, laughter, music. Hear it? The ocean’s lullaby.

This peace and laughter amid the surf,

Is there anything more homelike than this?

I wonder why, safe in our shells, humanity craves

To meet with the dangerous waves, without force or help,

Splashing, swimming, revelry, joyous cry.


To leave our homes to find a home,

To poke our heads out of our shells,

To find connection, beauty, joy…

No matter how far we roam.